Memorable Moments…


TUESDAY: NO CLASS (SKATE PARTY) WEDNESDAY: Regular Zumba 7 PM-8:30 PM THURSDAY: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Please eat responsibly FRIDAY: BURN THE BIRD!!! Regular Zumba 8:00-9:30 AM (come and stay the whole time, jump in later or leave … [Read More...]

IMPORTANT schedule update!!!!

NO CLASSES AT IFFC NEXT WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY!!!! NO CLASSES WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 5TH OR THURSDAY NOVEMBER 6TH!!! See you tonight at 6:30PM and Saturday at 8 AM Since we will not have toning or Thursday night class next should … [Read More...]


Just a friendly Tuesday reminder that you are all that!!  SO PLEASE, consider helping to fund programs for these super fabulous children with autism that are supported right here in the valley!!! PLEASE, PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING US THIS SUNDAY!!! … [Read More...]

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