Memorable Moments…

Thursday “Free for all”

It is a THURSDAY FREE FOR ALL!!! Class that is....we do not have a formal venue for class but Barb has invited us to use her lawn and dive in her pool to cool off. EVERYONE is invited. Class time will be 7-8.....maybe a bit longer depending on the … [Read More...]

No Class Saturday 6/13/15

I'm glad we got three classes in this week! See you Tuesday June 16, 2015 at Orefield Middle School! We are looking for volunteers all shifts...all time slots to help at the fair!! Please let me know if you are able to help!!! Thank … [Read More...]

Class Tonight at Orefield Middle School

7PM this evening - returning to Orefield Middle School's gym for Zumba class.  School's address is; 2675 PA Route 309 : Orefield, PA 18069. Hope to see you there! ~~~Kelly … [Read More...]

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